Course Outline
The Essential Course is specifically designed to get the fundamentals right so that you are much more confident and comfortable in your diving.
Essentials Course
That in turn will lead to safer more enjoyable dives.

The focus of the course is on core diving skills, correct equipment choice and equipment configuration.

The Essentials course is 2 days long and covers the following topics:
Equipment configuration workshop
Land drills
Open water core skills and drills
Team diving protocols and problem solving
Emergency and Self Rescue skills
Dive planning

Building a solid foundation is the first and most important step in your dive training and will allow you to get the most from any subsequent courses you take.

The Essentials course is the perfect way to fine tune or refresh your diving skills, as well as great preparation and a prerequisite for more advanced courses.

Course Duration:
2 Days
Open Water Scuba Diver Certification
AOW Scuba Diver Certification recommended
Minimum 50 logged
Dives recommended
Course Requirements:
Classroom Lectures
and Critiques
Land Drills
Open Water Drills
Minimum of 3 dives
Equipment required:
Recommended Texts:
NSSCDS Cavern Diving Manual
NSSCDS Student Workbook

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